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Baha Men has earned the only Grammy Award for the Bahamas. The energetic and pop culture influence used in their music, dress, and personalities has made a definite impression the world over. The long journey to stardom began in 1977 according to leader Isaiah Taylor. The band was known then as "High Voltage", and they played the local club scene in Nassau for the remainder of the 70's the 80's and into the 90's.

High Voltage then was known for defining the popular stage sound of junkanoo festival music of the Bahamas. In addition, they were regularly featured in Atlantic City, New Jersey where they presented exciting Bahamian reviews featuring Marvin Henfield and, Abigail Charlow, and other fine Bahamian vocalists. This long journey would not have been possible without the alliance between Tyrone " Dr. Offfff" Fitzgerald in the...

Date Established: 1977

Island of Residence:
Nassau, Bahamas

Junkanoo/Fusion, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop