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Mr. Edmund Moxey, the son of renowned pianist George 'God Bless' Moxey ATCL and Naomi Lockhart, a public school music teacher, was born in 1933 on Ragged Island. There he attended the all-age school in Duncan Town. Ed recalls having a wonderful childhood typical of Family Island settlements back in those days. The settlement was set up like a small city with all of the streets bearing names, which was not common in most family islands around that time. Also, "you didn't have a fully equipped house until you buy an organ" (Moxey, 2004).

The people of the settlement held three major concerts each year, one at Easter, one at New Year's, and...


Date of Birth: December 2, 1933

Place of Birth: Ragged Island, Bahamas

Principal instrument(s): Keyboards

Genre(s): Rake n' Scrape