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Mr. Eric Bertram Cash Sr. was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up on Lewis Street and the Market Street area. He remembers very distinctly that as a boy, a catalog owned by his sister caught his eye. In this catalog were musical instruments like trumpets, pianos, and various other instruments. Eric's sister also brought home her schoolbooks, which included the "Royal Reader". These books would include lessons accompanied by music examples. At the age of 5, Eric taught himself to sight sing these music examples after his older siblings sang the songs to him.

Leon Young, in the early twenties, owned two wooden houses opposite each other on Young Street (in the Grants Town/Bain Town/Market Street Area) where all of the residents were either from Andros or Cat Island. On Sundays after church, they would assemble under the trees...


Date of Birth: 19 January 1919

Place of Birth:
Nassau, Bahamas

Principal Instrument(s):
Acoustic bass, Saxophone.

Goombay, Jazz, Bahamian composer