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McFarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, better known as Tony McKay or Exuma, is said to have been inspired by the legendary Alphonso "Blind Blake" Higgs. Exuma taught us how to appreciate things Bahamian such as, fishing on the rock, ring play, and junkanoo, and so many other things that we sometimes lack national pride for.An incredible rhythm master, Exuma embodied the Bahamian sound whenever he took to the stage.

The foot stomping, stiff guitar rhythm, and that voice that bellowed from his soul could never be mistaken for any other. His mother Ms Daisy Mackey sailed across the ocean with him at the age of two. Canaan Lane, off Shirley Street near Hawkins Hill would be his new home. Exuma enjoyed going fishing on the rock and ring play during the days the bright bright sunny days. His songs reflect the pleasures of the simple life in the islands.

Date of Birth: February 15, 1941

Place of Birth: Cat Island, Bahamas.

Principal Instrument: Voice/Guitar

Genre(s): Fusion of - Goombay, Rake 'n' scrape, reggae, junkanoo, jump 'n' dance, and blues.