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Kirkland Bodie was born to businessman Ortland Bodie and Beatrice Outten in Nassau. The date? He discloses only as “the early seventies”. He received his primary education at the Martin Town Primary School in Grand Bahama and was later relocated to Miami, Florida at about the age of four. He said that one-day, his father picked up the entire family and just took off to Miami. This move introduced KB to a lot of what he calls "middle of the road white music". Among his favorite artists were Frankie Avalon, Elvis Presley, and pop stars Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. His dad, however, played the piano and organ and did read music quite well, according to KB.

Having no interest in playing music as a child, KB enjoyed riding around with his dad and listening to AM radio which featured some of his favorite artists. Upon his completion of high school, KB returned home to Grand Bahama where he held several odd jobs including...

Date of Birth: Early 70's

Place of Birth:
Nassau, Bahamas

Principal Instrument(s):

Rake 'n' Scrape, Calypso