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Mr. Lou Adams, a suave, well-spoken and sharp-witted gentleman of great talent and tremendous recall, is without doubt one of the elder statesmen in the music industry in The Bahamas.   In an interview, he not only gave a clear picture of the music industry during the early days in the city of Nassau, but also great insight as to what was happening socially at the time.

Adams was born in 1922 in Nassau and has been in the music business for over 65 years. His early childhood was spent on Fowler Street where he was born, and later, for most of his youth, on Shirley Street. Around 1927, he attended The Victoria School, which was later named the Curry School and subsequently the Worrel School, and is now referred to as Eastern Junior. After completion of lower school, he went on to Eastern Senior on Shirley Street which was headed by Mr. Mansfield, an Englishman, and following that, Mr. C.I. Gibson, a prominent educator after whom a public school is named. Adams recalls...

Date Established:
Late 1930's

Island of Residence:
Nassau, Bahamas

Goombay, calypso, jazz.