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Bert Cambridge had developed quite a reputation, being one of the few trained musicians on the island. This afforded Maureen the opportunity to move about with him when he would assist other bands during their rehearsals. Among the bands that Bert would help was the Ramsey Orchestra, one of the earlier bands that played jazz and Broadway tunes among other styles.

Maureen also recalls that socially, women in nightclubs were frowned upon. To add to this, she headed the first female dance performance group in Junkanoo, the national street festival of The Bahamas.  "First woman to take women to perform for Bay Street junkanoo, they say: good Lord, what else she gon do!" (DuV-alier, 2004). Although the date is a bit uncertain, she is sure that this happened when junkanoo returned to Bay Street after being moved to the "Over The Hill" area of Nassau during the late forties.

As this project was being finalized, it was announced that the Boxing Day Junkanoo Festival for 2004 would be named in Maureen’s honor, a most fitting tribute to...

Date of Birth: Born May 14, 1926 (noon)

Place of Birth:
Nassau, Bahamas

Principal Instrument(s):

Goombay, Calypso