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For over seventy years, John Berkely "Peanuts" Taylor has been entertaining locals and tourists the world over. It all started at the age of four, when John was walking past the Paul Meeres club and saw Paul himself practicing at the front of his famous club on Market and Fleming Streets minutes away from downtown Nassau. He mischievously shouted out, "I can sing and dance better than you", to which Paul Meeres replied, "A little peanut like you?" That answer prompted John to show off his stuff, and the name "Peanuts" stuck from that very day.

At an early age, Peanuts suffered the loss of his mother, and around that same time, his father left The Bahamas to work on contract in the southern United States as most men did during those years. His grandmother, Ethel Stubbs stepped in and showered Peanuts with the love and...

Date of Birth: 20 June, 1935

Place of Birth:
Nassau, Bahamas

Principal Instrument(s):
Goombay/Congo drums