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One of the most celebrated art forms in the Bahamas is that of junkanoo. Junkanoo has evolved to include art, dance, and music. 


Goombay is music and dance associated with the goombay drums. The goombay drum is a goatskin drum held between the legs and played with the hands. 

music of the church

Roman Catholics and Protestants made up a large number of the early settlers. With them, they brought the music of their particular churches.

music of the slaves

Although we have no evidence that such instruments were brought to The Bahamas by slaves, we do see replicas that serve the same function as the original instruments from Africa.

Music of the indigenous 

However, areito is one of the traditional and ritualistic dances accompanied by song that is said to have been practiced by the Indians that settled these Bahama Islands.

Rake 'N' Scrape

One thing that we know for sure is that his radio broadcast of the music throughout the Bahamas brought much needed attention to the music known as rake 'n' scrape.

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